Hand-washing logger with health worker category switches

In this, is the latest iteration of the hand-wash logging prototype, I have added four switches. As a registered nurse and ambulance officer I know from first-hand experience how we all hate filling in paperwork. This embedded logger records the date time and duration of a hand-wash event. Although it works very well, I realised I don’t know who is doing the hand-washing. To remedy this I have fitted four switches to the prototype. Each switch represents a category of health worker, namely: nurse, allied health, doctor and other. I will have a stick-on membrane matrix switch strip on the sink for the health worker to push before or during a hand-wash event.

A video of the upgraded logger can be found here: https://youtu.be/mCwyqt1lMmo

The picture below is a mock-up of a hand wash sink at our local hospital with the water proof membrane switch and piezo electric transducer in place.

The logger generates a .csv file that can be imported into Excel.

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